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The Main Hall of College of Engineering, Pune

Welcome to COEP Wiki. You can use your LDAP authentication (the one used for Internet proxy and Moodle) for logging in to the COEP Wiki.

A Wiki is a web site developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.You can read more about wiki here This Wiki is set up to help carry out assignments for students of College of Engineering Pune .

You can create pages, discuss assignments on these pages, upload images(currently only is specific formats), etc. the way you want. However using the portals and course pages given below is suggested.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started

You can read the wiki pages without login. For creating or editing the pages you need to login into wiki. You can login with your Moodle user name and passsword (or one which you use for Internet proxy).
Only members of College of Engineering, Pune can login into this wiki. If you are not a member then you can still read all the pages but cannot edit them.

After login first time you are suggested to create user page and talk page so that there will be a communication between users of wiki.



Tutorials and FAQs

Various Tutorials created by COEP Students.


  1. Applied Sciences
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Computer Engineering and Information Technology
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  6. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  7. Mathematics
  8. Mechanical Engineering
  9. Metallurgy and Material Science Engineering
  10. Production (Sandwich) Engineering
  11. Town Planning