Open Technologies Workshop Oct 2015

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Open Technologies Workshop conducted from 12-15 October 2015.

Assignment 1

Pick up a software of your choice. Find the source code repository, the bug reporting website, the community discussion mailing list, Any other related websites and update it here.

Do it as a table.

Name MIS Application name Source Code Repository Bug Reporting Website Community Discussion Mailing List Discussion Forum
Nikita Paranjape 111403029 gnuplot news://
Saurabh Agrawal 111403002 GNOME Calculator
Shruti Dogra 111403075 Gedit
Jassim Rahman 111403019 Lightbeam
Aditya Malu 111403023 RhythmBox Example
Sayali Salunke 111403040 GCC
Sanket Unche 141503016 OpenJDK
Rasika Bhave 111403035 DIA
Nupur Malpani 111303028 gnu tar Example
Purva Tendulkar 111403049 Android
Sagar Panchmatia 111403067 Thunderbird dev-apps-thunderbird@lists.mozilla.o
Bhagyashri Kshirsagar 141503006 Apache
shubhangi rathod 141503012 git
Vaidehi Vasant Deshpande 141508007 Xfig
Shivani Mogre 141508008 iceweasel;dist=unstable
Shreyash sherje 111403043 file-roller
Sumedh Kale 111403062 Libre Office
Ajinkya Geetanand Chavan 141508005 Eclipse
Bhargavi Neti 111403066 Vim editor!forum/comp.editors
Pornima 141403008 Chromium Browser Other links :
Rohan Patil 111408046 LINUX Kernel
Aarti Kashyap 111408070 Netbeans Example
Aniket Kulkarni 111403064 LaTeX 3
Tushar Sandeep Agey 141508001 Moodle
Shantanu Chandorkar 111408055 Nano
Samiran Kiran Deshmukh 141508006 MySQL
Kiran Sonavane 111205059 Sudoku Game
Amarpreet Singh Arora 141508002 Gparted
Nikhil Sudhakar Gawande 111408013 Xine(video player) https://

Anupam Nandkumar Godse 111408016 Terminal
pritesh holani 111403016 pico
Akash Sarda 111403003 ERIC
Rohini Sable 141508010 ASCII |

Saket S Komawar 111408029 Emacs
Aditya Karamchandani 111408067 Linux Mint

Assignment 2

Make a good presentation on a topic of your choice. The topic can be from the ones disccused in the class. Your aim should be to use, customize and develop the software for a good use within COEP.

Please list your name and software here.

The task can be done in groups of two.

Name MIS Application Name
Sanket Unche 141503016 MRBS
Tushar Agey 141508001 MRBS
Ajinkya Chavan 141508005 MRBS
Samiran Deshmukh 141508006 MRBS
Pornima 141403008 COEP FOSS Server Website
Aniket Kulkarni 111403064 LDAP - NFS - Samba
Sayali Salunke 111403040 Openstack
Nupur Malpani 111303028 Openstack
Anupam Godse 111408016 odoo
Nikhil Gawande 111408013 odoo