Debian Packaging workshop 2nd Jan to 8th Jan 2017

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Debian Packaging Workshop overview

The workshop on Debian Packaging was scheduled between 2-8th Jan 2017 at COEP FOSS lab. The invited people who took the workshop are Pravin and Sruthi. Students have learn the way to package nodejs modules.

Steps for packaging NodeJs modules

Create a container

What is a container

If you want to host more than one operating system at the same time on a machine, then there are many alternatives like Virtualbox, KVM, etc. Containers are a very lightweight solutions. The LXC container is a solution implemented using the Linux kernel feature of cgroups.

Steps for creating container

1)First create a container in your linux system. The container will basically be a place where we will do all the development process.

 i)Download lxc (a container manager)
 sudo apt-get install lxc
 ii)Create container
 sudo lxc-create -n debian-sid -t debian -- -r sid

Above command creates a container named debian-sid with the sid distribution

2)Getting control over container

  sudo lxc-attach -n debian-sid

3)Adding a new user

  adduser new-username

4)Install the packaging tools

  apt-get install dh-make gem2deb npm2deb

Steps for creating nodejs packages