Data Structures (Odd Semester 2014)

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CT 205 Data Structures is offered to S.Y. B.Tech. Computer Engineering and I.T. students. It is a 4 credit course. The laboratory course CT 209 Data Structures Laboratory is a 2 credit course.

Common Mistakes by Students in Assignments Submission

Writing the NUL character

The NUL character is written as '\0' and not as '/0'

Copying pointers

When you say p = q, where p and q are both pointers, then p does not point to q, but p points to where q points. E.g.
int a, *p, *q;
q = &a;
p = q;
means p points to a

Forgetting use of & in scanf

scanf expects the caller to pass the address of a variable in which scanf will store data. Students often forget to do it for non-array variables (for arrays, the name itself is the address) For example:
int i;
scanf("%d", i)
instead of
scanf("%d", &i);

Using O and Omega Notation in wrong place

The right way of using O and Omega notation is f(n) = O(g(n))
Students often write it as O(f(n)) = g(n)

Another common mistake is writing
O is n or O = n
The correct way of saying it is f(n) = O(n)