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Welcome to FOSS Lab!

Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) is a software which is licensed to give users the right to study, copy, modify, improve and redistribute it. In the context of free software, the word 'free' refers to free as in freedom and not the price of the software.

College of Engineering, Pune(CoEP) has a FOSS lab of its own which is used for teaching and developing FOSS. Various workshops and activities are organised in the lab to spread the knowledge of FOSS and promote the free software culture. The lab is NFS-LDAP powered and setup on GNU/Linux enabling use of same login id and password on all the systems. It has modern appliances like air-conditioner, LCD projector and also a CCTV camera setup. Ubuntu and Fedora are the GNU/Linux distributions installed on the systems. The lab uses Moodle as an online portal for various courses.


Third Floor,
Electronics Extension(New) Building,
In Front of Instrumentation Dept.
Boat Club Side,
College of Engineering, Shivajinagar, Pune - 5

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