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Completed Projects

  1. Adding features to BTRFS

    -Gautam Akiwate, Sanjeev MK & Shravan Aras

    The purpose of this project is to add features to btrfs which will allow the system administrator to adjust various tunable filesystem parameters.Read more...

  2. Devanagari Document Converter

    -Sanghamitra Khobragade, Komal Kharat, Rupali Patil

    A Devanagari Document converter has been developed which converts Non-unicode Devanagari documents into Unicode documents. Currently the software supports .txt and .odt formats only. It supports may non-unicode fonts like Shreelipi, Shivaji, Akruti, Tirkas, etc.
    The software is available at Devanagari Document Converter .

  3. Improvements in Moodle

    -Jyothi Venugopal & Anagha Jadhav

    The aim of this project is to make Moodle more user friendly by adding additional functionalities like simple deletion of submitted assignments, allowing decimal grading for assignments, changing the colour for late submission,etc.Read more...

Completed Projects

  1. Indic Language Support in GNOME Terminal

    -Mihir Kulkarni, Swapnil Kulkarni & Saurabh Dige

    The aim of this project was to make the GNOME Terminal and Vim-editor available for people who know the Devanagari script. This would help other developers from the community to implement support for their language.Read more...

    Download the source code!

  2. Internationalization in GVim

    -Monali Chim & Nisha Chaudhari

    As a part of this project, problems of Devnagari script on Linux platform were fixed. Devnagari vowels could now be printed in the GVim editor. code.Read more...

  3. Lan Based Lab Management Application

    -Bhushan Shitole & Atharva Deshmukh

    The objective of this project was to make a web application to manage software installation in a networked environment. It allows the admin to perform control activities, such as remote and concurrent shutting down/reboot of clients and it also shows the status of clients. Read more...

  4. Localisation of Linux

    -Deepti Agrawal, Pradnya Gudikandula & Ankit Gupta

    As a part of this project, the students were working on the dynamic keyboard layout which helps the users to assign the Devnagari letters to the available US keyboard layout. Read more...

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