Facts about VDI,VHD and VMDK formats of Hard Disk

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Facts about VDI, VHD, VMDK formats of Hard disk

  • They are all virtual disks and they should all function the same. The difference between them is which software uses which format,

and picking a specific one could make migrating the VM easier. If you are only going to be using VIRTUALBOX, go ahead and pick VDI.

           # VDI is the format used by VIRTUALBOX.
           # VMDK is the format used by VMWare products.
           # VHD is the format used by Microsoft products.

  • All these formats are interconvertable . This interconvertabilty makes portability of these formats more efficient, since VDI file which is native format for Virtual box ,is not supported in VMWare workstation or Windows products, so we can convert it into VMDK or VHD files.

  • VDI, VMDK, and VHD all support dynamically allocated sizing. VMDK has an additional capability of splitting the storage file into files less than 2 GB each, which is useful if your file system has a small file size limit.