C++ STL and Advanced Data Structures by ASCI

Description: Name: Nishant Gulabrao Ingle
Year and Branch: BTech IT
MIS: 111608030

Number of People: 50
Attendees: FY, SY, TY CE & IT students
Number of Organizers: 12
Organizers: BTech Computer - Yash Jakhotiya,
Rani Rajurkar,
Rahul Keshervani,
Niharika Deshmukh,
Indraneel Bhojwani.

BTech IT - Sanket Thakare,
Shubham Patil,
Sanchita Sankpal,
Pranav Thakare,
Poonam Chavare,
Vrushali Kothare,
Nishant Ingle.

Description: This session will introduce students with Standard Template Library in C++ and Advanced Data Structures on which questions are frequently asked in Competitive Programming Contests
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Approval status: Approved
Room: 5. Entc Extension - FOSS Lab
Start time: 17:00:00 - Thursday 12 December 2019
Duration: 3 hours
End time: 20:00:00 - Thursday 12 December 2019
Type: Internal(COEP)
Created by: 111608030
Modified by:
Last updated: 17:14:08 - Wednesday 08 January 2020
Repeat type: None
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