Association of Students of Computer and IT (ASCI) General Meet

Description: Name: Nishant Gulabrao Ingle

Number of People: 60

Attendees: ASCI members
(FY, SY, TY CE & IT students)

Number of Organizers: 19

Organizers: BTech Computer - Yash Jakhotiya,
Rani Rajurkar,
Rahul Keshervani,
Abhinav Bhardwaj,
Gaurav Deore,
Niharika Deshmukh,
Indraneel Bhojwani.

BTech IT - Sanket Thakare,
Shreya Shirwadkar,
Beejal Oswal,
Vikram Dhanwani,
Pranjal Ahire,
Shubham Patil,
Sanchita Sankpal,
Pranav Thakare,
Poonam Chavare,
Vrushali Kothare,
Aishwarya Murumbekar,
Nishant Ingle.


This will be an interactive session involving division of students into domain specific sub groups, alloting mentors, etc.
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Approval status: Approved
Room: 5. Entc Extension - Seminar Hall - 3
Start time: 17:30:00 - Friday 11 October 2019
Duration: 2 hours
End time: 19:30:00 - Friday 11 October 2019
Type: Internal(COEP)
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Last updated: 17:13:52 - Wednesday 08 January 2020
Repeat type: None
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