CoEP Bhau E-Cell's Pune StartUp Fest'19

Description: Booking requested for an event to be conducted under COEP Bhau's E-Cell presenting Pune StartUp Fest.

Booking requested by Naman Modi, Bhau E-Cell Co-ordinator, SYIT, MIS- 111708037.
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Approval status: Approved
Room: 3. Cognizant Lab - Cognizant Lab
Start time: 07:00:00 - Sunday 24 February 2019
Duration: 13.5 hours
End time: 20:30:00 - Sunday 24 February 2019
Type: Internal(COEP)
Created by: 111708037
Modified by:
Last updated: 14:00:54 - Monday 25 February 2019
Repeat type: None
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