Talk on Tor Browser

Description: Network Security and Privacy Talk
on Tor Browser

* Gustavo Gus - works at The Tor Project as Community Liaison in Global
South. Currently based on Brazil, where he helps to organize CryptoRave,
a massive 24hours cryptoparty in São Paulo, Brazil.

* Pili Guerra - works at The Tor Project as Project Manager for UX,
Community and Tor Browser teams. Based on Spain, she works with free
software and IT management.

* Kushal Das - CPython core developer and Secure Drop maintainer, works
at Freedom of the Press Foundation.
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Approval status: Awaiting approval
Room: 2. Mini Auditorium - Mini Auditorium
Start time: 08:00:00 - Wednesday 20 February 2019
Duration: 8 hours
End time: 16:00:00 - Wednesday 20 February 2019
Type: Internal(COEP)
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Last updated: 14:58:42 - Friday 15 February 2019
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