Schindler training session

Description: There's a training session by 'Schindler Company' under 'Schindler Igniting Minds' program. The topic of session is 'Campus to Corporate' - comminucation skills. This session is for Schindler Scholars from SY Btech, who receives scholarship from company each year. There are total 21 students. I am the representative of these scholars, Rahul Deepak Patil, SY Mechanical , MIS - 111610086. The co-ordinator of this session is Arpita Singh ('Schindler Igniting Minds' co-ordinator). Name of trainer for this session is Yogini Joshi.
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Approval status: Approved
Room: 3. Cognizant Lab - Cognizant Lab
Start time: 09:00:00 - Sunday 25 February 2018
Duration: 8 hours
End time: 17:00:00 - Sunday 25 February 2018
Type: Internal(COEP)
Created by: 111610086
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Last updated: 11:14:14 - Tuesday 24 April 2018
Repeat type: None
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