Welcome to FOSS Server

The FOSS Server is the hub for Free Software ( Mukt Software in Marathi) related activities, resources in COEP.

Resource About Link
Moodle Moodle is a learning management system. COEP Moodle
Nextcloud A file hosting service for COEP Community. Use your LDAP/Moodle account to login. Nextcloud
Media Wiki COEP hosts the Mediawiki, the software which runs Wikipedia. COEP Wiki is collaboratively editable by any COEP member having an LDAP account COEP Wiki
Ubuntu Mirror Ubuntu is one of the most popular Mukt Software Operating Systems. COEP hosts a local mirror of Ubuntu for faster downloads of Ubuntu packages within the campus. COEP Ubuntu Mirror
Debian Mirror Debian is the mother operating system of many free software Operating Systems. COEP hosts a local mirror of Debian for faster downloads of Debian packages within the campus. COEP Debian Mirror
Linux ISO Images CD/DVD Images of many variants of the GNU/Linux operating system. Download them much faster in the Local Area Network. CD/DVD Images of Linux
FOSS Lab FOSS Lab is the place where most of the Mukt Software activities happen. COEP FOSS Lab
COFSUG COEP's Free Software Users' Group COFSUG