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Janeev Logo

COEP Janeev Club (previously COEP Environment Club) had evolved from an environmental project initially undertaken by a group of Civil Engineering students.

The club realized that all environmental and social issues are interconnected, and do not exist in isolation. Thus, it was decided to transform the club with a view to increase its scope by working on social issues as well.

In the year 2011, the Environment Club was transformed into Janeev Club (Marathi: जाणीव, meaning: consciousness) as the socio-environmental club of COEP.
The club aims at sensitizing students about various social and environmental issues and enhancing their knowledge regarding the same.

The club conducts various activities like lectures and seminars by intellectuals and activists, documentary screenings, classic film screenings, discussions, street plays, awareness campaigns, tree plantation, poetry recitation, etc.

Janeev Club members meet every Thursday at 6 pm in Academic Complex near Boat Club.
The club is open to all, runs democratically and disregards any hierarchical structure for its functioning.

अंधार भेदणाऱ्या जाणीवांना सामोरे जाऊ या. आपल्या संवेदना जागवू या.
पर्यावरणाच्या पलीकडेही डोकावून पाहू या. जागवू या... एक "जाणीव"!

Contact Information:
Email ID : janeev@coep.ac.in
Uzma Khan (B.Tech. Information Technology) : 9158207959
Siddhant S. S. (B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering) : 8149483484
Vaibhav Kurhe (B.Tech. Computer Engineering): 8275931774
Pournima Kolte (B.Tech. Computer Engineering): 9552439491
Sonali Dalal (B.Tech. Computer Engineering): 8446931494
Faculty Advisor : Prof. Abhijit A. M. (Department of Computer Engineering & IT)
Facebook Page : Coep Janeev