Introduction to Inquiry, Thinking and Research

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Introduction to Inquiry, Thinking and Research is an elective course offered to Second Year Non Electrical Branch students of COEP in the odd semester 2014.

The course is being offered by Prof. K.P. Mohanan from IISER, Pune.

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  • The course is being offered by Physics department. So does it involve lot of knowledge about Physics?

No. The course has practically nothing to do with Physics. The course is being shown offered by Physics department only for the technical purpose of being listed under some department. The course content is generic for all fields of knowledge.

  • Do I need to be a 9 pointer to opt for this course?

Absolutely No. However you should have a genuine interest in knowing about inquiry and research. You should be willing to put in the efforts expected by the instructors. Do not opt for this course hoping that it may turn out to be a course awarding good grades. (This does not mean that the faculty has pre-decided to award bad grades :p, but just to stress that you should be fair in your efforts)

  • The Syllabus has a long list of reference books. I am scared.

The list is for those who want to venture more and increase the depth of understanding. Knowing more always helps. However the course does not assume you to have read these books.

  • How does it help in my career? Will it get me a better job?

Yes. Being a good inquirer helps in all domains of knowledge.