FOSS Development 2016

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FOSS Development Course offered in Even Semester 2015-16.

Objective of Course

  1. Understand technical,legal,social issues of FOSS Development
  2. Understand various popular models FOSS Development
  3. Understand detail the process of packaging of different platforms
  4. Contribute one of the ongoing FOSS project

Course Topics

The following topics are covered over the length of the course:

  1. Debian Packaging
  2. Moodle and It's Development
  3. A Basic introduction to PHP
  4. Open source Licenses
  5. Case studies on certain Free and Open Source Software

Various talks

The following talks arranged in this course:

  1. Hamara Linux
  2. The Wordpress Knowledge Exchange Group(Pune) : Saurabh Shukla
  3. The Big Blue Button talk
  4. Krishnakant Mane

Exploring different Free software projects

Each student selected a Free Software project of his/her choice and made a presentation on it after exploring it. The presentations are intended to give following information about a Free software project:

  1. Introduction to what the software does
  2. A short demo of the software's features
  3. History of the development
  4. Key individual contributors to the project
  5. Companies involved in the project
  6. Licensing Terms
  7. Important Websites related to the software
  8. Current status of development
  9. Future roadmap of the project
  10. Debates / Controversies / Issues of concern / Debates about the software
  11. Comparison between its corresponding proprietary software
  12. Various technologies used in the code development
  13. Commercial Adoption
  14. History of forks
  15. Businesses built around this software
  16. Job & business opportunities in this software
Serial no. Name of Free Software Project Made by About Link to Presentation
1 GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) Vaibhav Kurhe GIMP is a full-fledged Raster Graphics Editor [GIMP Presentation]
2 Mozilla Firefox Sushant Chavan Firefox is free and open-source web browser [Firefox Presentation]
3 Audacity Aseema Sulakhe Example Audacity_ppt
4 WordPress Harshita Shivhare Example WordPress
5 Drupal Sanket Mehrotra A quick look at Drupal [Drupal(v0.8)]
6 LibreOffice Vaishnavi KOlhapure Office Suite with several applications [LibreOffice]
7 VLC media player Ajinkya Panaskar VLC - A cross media player and streaming media server [VLC]
8 Mediawiki Abhilash Mhaisne World's most use wiki software [[1]]
9 Thunderbird Abhishek Notani An email and chat client [Thunderbird]
10 Example Example Example Example
11 Example Example Example Example
12 Example Example Example Example
13 Example Example Example Example
14 Example Example Example Example

Slides made from "Introduction to Free Software" book

Each student chose a topic from the "Introduction to Free Software" book and made slides on that topic.

Topic Serial No. Topic Name Made by About Link to Presentation
1 Introduction Ajinkya Panaskar Example [Chapter 1 - Introduction|]
2 A bit of history Shrikrushna Kulkarni Example [|Chapter 2 ]
3 Legal Aspects Abhishek Notani Example [Chapter 3]]
4 Developers & their motivations Vaibhav Kurhe Example [Presentation
5 Economy Aseema Sulakhe Example Economy
6 Free software & public administrations Harshita Shivhare Example Chapter 6
7 Free software engineering Sanket Mehrotra Example [Free Software Engineering]
8 Development environments and technologies Abhilash Mhaisne Example [| Development environment and technologies]
9 Case Studies Sushant Chavan, Anurag Bhikane, Sagar Gomsale Example [presentation]
10 Other free resources Rohan Manatkar Example [[2]]
11 Appendix Sonam Galani , Vaishnavi Kolhapure Example [Appendix]}

Moodle bugs being worked on

Pairs of students worked on bugs in Moodle.

Serial No. Bug No. Bug Description Participants Status
1 MDL-53004 No space between HTML divs Anurag Bhikane, Sagar Gomsale Open
2 MDL-53151 Undefined variable: e in course/modlib.php on line 132 Abhishek Notani, Ajinkya Panaskar Open
3 MDL-52483 Help text for Password-change URL in auth plugins settings incorrectly says it will generate button on login page Abhishek Notani, Ajinkya Panaskar Open
4 MDL-53823 Expression always true Sushant Chavan, Shrikrushna Kulkarni Patch sent
5 MDL-53603 Quiz with shuffled questions: manual grading pop-up shows the question number students saw during the attempt Abhilash Mhaisne Patch sent
6 MDL-52092

Log username instead of fullname() in the 'other' property of user_loggedinas event

Sanket Mehrotra Patch submitted