Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Teaching staff

Member Name Regular Faculty
Dr. S. N. Sapali
Dr. D. W. Pande Dean, R&D
Dr. V. M. Domkundwar Professor Emeritus
Dr. Jagdeep B. Doshi Professor Emeritus
Dr. P. Kumar Professor Emeritus
Dr. P. K. Mishra Professor Emeritus
Dr. A. D. Sahasrabudhe Previous Director and current Chairman AICTE
Mr. A. P. Bhattu
Ms. S. S. Bhavikatti
Mr. N. K. Chougule
Mr. N. P. Dale
Mr. P. R. Dhamangaonkar
Mr. N. D. Dhote
Mr. V. K. Haribhakta
Dr. Mrs. M. G. Karnik
Dr. M. P. Khond
Dr. G. N. Kulkarni
Mr. C. T. Kunjir
Mr. R. N. Ladhwe
Dr. A. A. Latey
Dr. D. N. Malkhede
Mrs. P. J. Muley
Mrs. S. S. Mundra
Dr. M. R. Nandgaonkar
Dr. S. S. Ohol
Mr. S. S. Pardeshi
Dr. G. V. Parishwad
Dr. S. B. Patil
Dr. C. M. Sewatkar HOD
Mr. H. P. Shinde
Mr. P. S. Shinde
Dr. S. D. Suryawanshi
Dr. V. K. Tripathi
Mr. S. V. Wagh

Course Pages

Course notes can be found on Mechanical notes archive

List of Students

  • The list of Mechanical Engineering students can be found here.

Note: If you are a student of the Mechanical Engineering department then add [[Category:Students of Mechanical Engineering]] to your userpage. This will add you in students of mechanical department category.