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The COEP Satellite (SWAYAM) project is aimed at developing a reliable bidirectional communications platform.
Started in late 2008, the SWAYAM project revolves around the challenges faced while building a pico-satellite (10x10x11.35 cm and 1kg mass), destined to orbit the Earth at a height of 500-800 km.

The project is largely student driven involving students from all streams of engineering, thus establishing itself as a truly interdisciplinary project, a fact highly acknowledged by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
The team can proudly state that all design work was done by the students, from ground up, with periodic assistance from the college faculty. The team recently visited ISRO Satellite Center, Bangalore and successfully cleared the Preliminary Design Review with ISRO. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between COEP and ISRO for the development and launch of SWAYAM.

Acting as a platform, which enables the students to empirically test their knowledge, has always been the corner stone of this project. Right from its inception, the team has been strongly supported by the college on all fronts, providing valuable infrastructure and a strong funding to keep the project alive. The prototype of the Satellite is ready. The team is now fabricating the Qualification and the Flight Models of SWAYAM.

Project Manager:
Nikhil Sambhus
For more info, please visit: coep.org.in/csat